How to Develop a Process-Based QMS

If you don't have a quality management system (QMS) or you're not
happy with the one you've got, you've come to the right place. We've
developed an ISO 9001 2008 Process-based Quality Management
System Development Plan
(Title 23) that you can use to develop
your own process-based quality management system.

Our QMS Development Plan uses a process approach. We use
a process approach, not only because it makes good sense to do so,
but also because ISO made it mandatory. Clause 4.1 of ISO 9001 2008
makes it clear that organizations must identify and manage the
processes that make up their quality management systems.

The process approach is a management strategy. When managers
use a process approach, it means that they manage the processes that
make up their organization, the interaction between these processes,
and the inputs and outputs that glue these processes together.

Since the process approach is now central to ISO’s methodology,
we have tried to identify the processes that make up a complete
ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management System. As the following
list shows, we’ve identified 12 QMS processes:

1.  Quality Management Process
2.  Resource Management Process
3.  Training and Awareness Process
4.  Product Purchasing Process
5.  Design and Development Process
6.  Production Management Process
7.  Service Provision Process
8.  Product Management Process
9.  Customer Relationship Management Process
10. Internal Quality Management Audit Process
11. Monitoring and Measuring Process
12. Management Review Process (SEE BELOW FOR SAMPLES)

We've developed a Process Development Plan for each one of the above
processes. By simply following each of these 12 Plans, you will end up
with a complete quality management system, one that meets all
of the ISO 9001 2008 requirements, and is process oriented as well

Each of our 12 Process Development Plans is organized
in the same way. Each Plan will show you how to:

A. Develop your process (SAMPLE - Plan 12)
B. Document your process
(SAMPLE - Plan 12)
C. Implement your process (SAMPLE - Plan 12)
D. Maintain your process
(SAMPLE - Plan 12)
E. Monitor your process (SAMPLE - Plan 12)
F.  Measure your process (SAMPLE - Plan 12)
G. Analyze your process
(SAMPLE - Plan 12)
H. Control your process (SAMPLE - Plan 12)
 I.  Improve your process
(SAMPLE - Plan 12)

We’ve designed our QMS Development Plan so that you can assign
Process Development Plans to many different teams. If you spread the
work out over several teams or departments, you’ll get the participation
you need, and you’ll get the job done a lot faster. For example, you might
assign the Design and Development Process Development Plan to your
design and development people, your Production Management
Process Development Plan to your production department, your
Product Purchasing Process Development Plan to your
purchasing department, and so on for each Plan.

Please consider using our ISO 9001 2008 Process-based Quality
Management System Development Plan
 (Title 23) to develop your
Quality Management System. For more information, including a
sample plan
, please see our
Title 23: Detailed Table of Contents.


To purchase Title 23: ISO 9001 2008 Process-based
QMS Development Plan
, please see our Order Page

If you purchase our ISO 9001 Quality Management System
Development Plan, you'll find that it's detailed, complete, and
easy to use. You'll find that we've worked hard to create a high
quality product. In fact, we guarantee the quality!


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