Library of Management

ISO management standards define best practices. Our Plain English Guides
discuss these practices. They explain what your organization can do to assure
the quality and safety of its products and services, to protect and preserve the
environment, to safeguard the health and safety of its workers, to secure its
information assets and supply chains, to manage and control its risks, and
to ensure that business continues whenever disruptive incidents occur.

Each guide starts with a brief introduction and overview. It then provides
detailed definitions and an extensive preview of an important international
management system standard. And all of this is provided in Plain English.


IT Management Guide

Risk Management Guide

Audit Management Guide

Safety Management Guide

Quality Management Guide

Service Management Guide

Security Management Guide

Food Safety Management Guide

Environmental Management Guide

Medical Device Management Guide

Software Quality Management Guide

Business Continuity Management Guide

Information Security Management Guide

Supply Chain Security Management Guide

Occupational Health & Safety Management Guide

Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Guide

Risk, Safety, Security, and Continuity Management Guide


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